Ivy Station | Ivy Station, one of Culver City’s upcoming developments, is located at the intersections of Venice, Washington and National Boulevards. Sitting adjacent to the terminus of the Metro Expo Line of Culver City, this area is anticipated to become the center of life for both Culver City residents and visitors alike.
Culver City's Newest Destination
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About Ivy Station
Quick Facts
  • Mixed-use, transit-oriented development located within a gateway city on the Westside of Los Angeles
  • 5.2 acre urban infill property immediately adjacent to the Metro Expo Culver City light rail station
  • 200,000 SF, 5-story office building
  • 200 apartments
  • 148-room boutique hotel
  • 55,000 SF of retail & restaurant space
  • 2+ acres of open space with varied programming for community, residents & guests
  • Over 1,500 parking spaces including 300 dedicated for Metro riders
  • Transit & Mobility: Metro bike hub, new bike lanes and traffic signal on widened National Blvd., access to 12 bus lines & bicycle routes
  • LEED-ND certified for Neighborhood Development

Ivy Station, a highly-anticipated upcoming Culver City development, is located at the intersections of Venice, Washington and National Boulevards.  Just adjacent to the Metro Expo Line of Culver City, this area is expected to become an energetic center of life for residents and visitors alike.

With the opening of the Metro Expo Line in June of 2012, interest in Culver City rapidly grew.  As excitement about the area increased, Ivy Station was envisioned as 500,000 square feet of high quality space with a state-of-the-art office, apartments, hotel, stores and restaurants within a landmark, destination-oriented environment. 

Ivy Station's proximity to the burgeoning shopping, dining and creative businesses of Culver City offers easy access to everyone.  Whether it be a family having brunch followed by a day in the park, a business professional taking a break with a cup of coffee or a group of friends grabbing a drink after a day at work, Ivy Station will have something to offer for anyone looking to step away from the rush of the city.

Through its welcoming open space, unique both in size and location, Ivy Station will be a dynamic, vibrant, active area that provides connections to transit, the community, tenants and visitors alike.  Concerts, movie nights, wine & cheese festivals, fitness classes, holiday craft fairs and seasonal activities are just some of the exciting events planned for the park.

With all of the exciting elements Ivy Station has to offer, visitors, residents, office tenants and hotel guests will all be delighted by this new, vibrant center of life in Culver City.

History of the Name

There is tradition and there is history.  Together they define our culture as we continue to move forward.  Culver City’s roots go back to a booming time in Hollywood when the area was known as the “Heart of Screenland”, when the City hosted two race tracks and Los Angeles residents were beginning to realize there was something exciting brewing just nearby.

The name Ivy Station is a tribute to the history of the Culver City property and the traditions that brought us to where we are now.  A rail station since the 1800s, the site was originally named Ivy Park Substation on the steam-powered Los Angeles and Independence Railroad. 

Although the original station was made of brick, today’s Ivy Station hopes to recapture some of that historic charm while introducing new materials, current design concepts and a variety of amenities for its visitors and occupants.  We hope that you will take a moment to come and experience all that Ivy Station and Culver City has to offer.


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